Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thief of Time

Weather has been unseasonably warm lately (global warming anyone?) but it is starting to cool down now. My professor says that is because the high pressure area over the Atlantic is finally subsiding into its winter diminutive state. But we've been getting some gorgeous sunsets the last few days, even if they do happen earlier and earlier (what? why? where did the summer go?).

Monday evening especially, the sun turned the sky an insane gold and the air itself seemed to glow, while in the east ridiculous black/purple clouds actually stood like mountains or really dirty cotton balls, just to make sure that you wouldn't miss the sun-lit autumn foliage in its foreground. And then, as if it wasn't enough, it began to rain. And the sun shone through the water, and you could see every drop, which was, of course, gold, and a rainbow appeared against the black sky, and it was a full half circle with one end starting, I swear, over our home. I am sure that nature that day had decided to drive me mad! It was an infuriating situation to be in - standing as I was in the middle of this perfection, wet, overwhelmed by the sight, and completely unable to capture the moment with any of the numerous digital devices at my disposal. I tried of course, but 'lame' does not begin to describe the photos that I took.

Being an artist, I could just paint it, but who would ever believe it? There is a great quote from Terry Pratchett's novel, "Thief of Time" (which is an excellent book, and by far his best and this quote does not due it justice, nor does it pertain to any subject matter covered in the rest of the narrative - but it made an impression) :

"Sometimes the gods have no taste at all. They allow sunrises and sunsets in ridiculous pink and blue hues that any professional artist would dismiss as the work of some enthusiastic amateur who'd never looked at a real sunset. This was one of those sunrises. It was the kind of sunrise a man rises and looks at and says, "No real sunrise could paint the sky Surgical Appliance Pink.""

So there you have it. There was magic happening all around me for a few minutes, and all you get is this blog.


maeverin said...

yay! first post! history in the making!
i have also experienced such madness, and i dearly wish that everyone in the world does so too at some point in their lives.
i do, in fact, believe in some kind of god and that it has a sense of humor.

Ron Southern said...

I worked up this post that you might check about this subject: