Friday, November 2, 2007

How to Donate To Mexican Flood Relief

Rains in Mexico have placed 70 to 80 % of the gulf state Tabasco under water. 2.1 million Tabasquenos have been affected and 300,000 are still trapped in their homes. 850 towns are entirely flooded. Though there are fewer casualties, this flood is even worse than what we witnessed with Katrina two years ago. The state's entire tabasco pepper crop is destroyed, and of course the ever important oil rigs. Once the water subsides there will be little for the residents to return to.

I have been searching all morning for ways to donate to relief efforts. Somehow there are no obvious donation sites for this disaster, which is troubling to me. Let's not forget that just this past week Mexico provided the state of California with much needed aid and electricity while the fires ran amok. Perhaps something will spring up by the end of the day, but for now all I could find was this:

- you can donate online at under the international response fund tab, but you will not be able to specify your beneficiary.

- the better way at the moment is to mail a check or money order to:

American Red Cross
PO Box 97089
Washington DC 20090
with "Tabasco, Mexico flood relief" hand written in the memo line

I'll keep you posted, but if you hear of a better way, do let me know.

Update: you can donate at Thank you John Rivera for pointing that out.

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John Rivera said...

Hi Paulina,

Catholic Relief Services has committed $1 million to emergency relief in Mexico. We are working with Caritas Mexicana and Caritas Tabasco to provide food, water, shelter and emergency supplies to the people displaced by the flooding. For more info, go to

John Rivera