Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stupid Holidays....

I think I have decided not to celebrate Christmas this year. I do not believe in Jesus, am not in any way religious, did not grow up with this tradition, and will not be near my family this year, so what exactly is the point? New Year's - now there is a holiday I can stand behind! Aside from my birthday it is by far my most favorite celebration, a new beginning, an appreciation for the passage of time, loud parties full of food and friends and laughter. Every year I wish for the sort of New Year's that we had growing up. Friends and family gathered around the table, eating and drinking and talking really loudly and the gifts of course and the moment at midnight when we all sing and whoop and kiss. I don't know if it will ever be possible to have that feeling again so far away from Russia and my family. The closest I came to it was when my relatives were visiting from France and the Urals. I remember going to sleep thinking how good it felt to have family under the same roof. Husband suggested going to NYC for the 31st and celebrate with our Russian friends there. Maybe we'll do that. One thing I did decide for sure is that I will not write "Merry Christmas" but rather "Happy New Year" in all my cards this year. The only question remains - when do I open the gifts?

Also, my friend sent me a Liberty Meadows comic strip today and as I was going through their archives I found this gem:

I guess what's funny about it is that the dialog is actually in German and the translation has nothing at all to do with the text, but I am sure you can tell.

Just in case you are curious I have also included a translation of the text for those of you who are not German speaking (feel free to correct me though as it has been a while since I've spoken Deutsch)

Box 1
"Luke, I am your father. Are you Chupacabra?"
"Is that train number three?"

Box 2
"I have two coconuts."
"If you drink the beer before the liquor, it will make you sick" (though I think they did not use good German here, did they?)

Box 3
"The garlic makes my feet stink"
"The Germans love David Hasselhoff"


Liza said...

I so agree about the New Year thing. I must say though that Germany was pritty close to Russian New Year with all the fireworks and all. As for christmas, it isn't really a religiouse holiday. At least not one that relates to Jesus. Based on accounts (The Bible) Jesus would have been born sometime during the summer. Christmas was actually a pagan holiday, feast of the Son of Isis, where drinking, eating, and gift giving was a tradition. In Rome they celebrated the winter solstice from which the caroling tradition was taken from. In addition to this another pagan (european) tradition was Yule. For these Pagans the Mistletoe was considered sacred and they kissed under it as a fertility ritual.
There are alot more things that really cool and just go to show how christianity was made from taking other religions and changing them just so that it became more appealing to people when they were being converted. In any case. Happy New Year!!

maeverin said...

david hasselhoff *snort* ^_^