Tuesday, January 29, 2008

St. John Adventure - Day 2 (Cinnamon Bay)

We woke up fairly late, achy and disoriented but glad to be here. As I mentioned yesterday, there was no white gas to be had on the island so breakfast was delayed while Husband made an alcohol stove out of cans of cat food and tuna. In fact by the time we did finally get down to eating it was time for lunch and so our first meal in the Caribbean was rice pilaf (from the box). We have come quite prepared to feed ourselves, I believe, with provisions of rice, couscous, falafel, nuts and spices. There is a small market here at Cinnamon Bay which has a decent selection of canned veggies and tuna for prices comparable to what we saw in town (though more expensive than back home on the main land).

So while Husband toiled away cutting cans and making food I explored the area just a tad and stumbled upon a soldier crab path running through our group site. Crabs of all sizes could be seen lugging their shells around, until they spotted a curious observer approaching that is, at which point they would curl up, pretending to be entirely un-fascinating and not at all delicious.

While we were polishing off the pilaf new neighbors arrived - Heidi and Quintin from Philly. Heidi is a handsome, slender, dark skinned 30 something woman, dressed in that casual but extremely flattering and coordinated way that I can never achieve. Quintin is a hoot with a really mad, foot long (or longer) braided goatee. They have been here many times before, which is obvious by the way they had thought to pack such practical items as a straw mat for catching sand in front of the tent entrance, and clothes pins for the lines.

Today's adventure was simple - explore Cinnamon Bay and chill out. The beach is not much - soft light sand, turquoise water and some islands in the distance, including a Cay that one can probably swim to ( I think a cay is what they call small islands in the bay). The weather was actually a little overcast for most of the day and I got quite chilly in my bathing suit, so Husband and I decided to take a walk to the east end of the beach (the bay faces north). Here there were some rocky outcrops, which we braved without shoes, and coral pocking out every times the waves receded. We did not dare go far into the water because of the menacing way in which the waves crashed against the rocks and into the sharp coral (dead or alive, I could not tell). Every time we got into the water, I was worried it would try to wash us right back out.

Back at the beach Husband became determined to locate some coconuts. This proved simple enough because there are many coconut trees around, and coconuts, once ripe, simply drop to the ground. Before I knew it, he had found three coconuts and was pealing the outer husk with his very manly knife. I was a little concerned at first about the safety of Husband's fingers, what with the husk being so tough, but the only things that were damaged were the manly knife, which lots its tip somewhere on that beach (surely to be found by my foot at a later date), and the coconuts, which were really quite delicious. Now he is formulating plans to get a green coconut down from a tree, which is much more full of liquid and a favorite among true coconut connoisseurs.

By the time we got back to our camp site there was a cocktail hour in full swing (Priscilla and a very large crowd of her acquaintances who all come here at about the same time each year), so it took us a minute to realize that Cheryl and burly man Jeff's tents were no longer there. It transpired that they had relocated into one of the campsite's cottages (more like cement bunker, if you ask me) because Jeff wanted to be able to 'stand up when getting dressed'. But to our delight they came back to visit us while we were dining on rice and tuna, and we have made plans to go to Waterlemon Bay tomorrow. We are quite fortunately, I feel, to have Cheryl, Priscilla and the others here who know the best places to go, which will hopefully ensure that we don't miss out on anything during the next two weeks.


maeverin said...

did you eat any of the crabs? they look like they'd put up a good fight x_x

Paulina said...

Nah, they ask that you don't eat the wild life.... or was it feed?