Wednesday, February 13, 2008

St. John Adventure - Day 11 (Cinnamon Bay and bacalhau)

Today we stayed "home" and cleaned a bit. We took everything out of the tent and dried it all, which took a while. It was overcast and rained on and off, so we ended up running back and forth covering things, moving stuff, etc. Eventually we made our way to the beach right here in Cinnamon Bay and hung out in the occasional sunlight, swam a bit, napped, read and did some sketches of people beached around us. I was mesmerized by this Venus, lounging in the waves, so I tried to snap a photo as inconspicuously as I could.

The book I've been reading, Agatha Christie's "Passenger to Frankfurt" is getting to be more repetitive and nonsensical with every page. The central thesis of the book, which is that a youth movement is being organized around to world to create chaos and anarchy, is endlessly discussed, chewed on and spat out by various proper elderly gentlemen of great power sitting in smoke filled ivy rooms. The complexities of politics and economics are broken down into very simplistic and stylized units and overall one gets the distinct impression that the author does not know what she is talking about, though she says it at great and redundant lengths.

For lunch we had a can of tuna and a can of sardines, which in retrospect was a really bad idea because afterwords I could not even think about fish, but Husband had made plans to make bacalhau. Bacalhau is a Portuguese dish of salted cod (the word actually means codfish). Husband spent all day preparing it, washing, soaking, cooking. Both Priscillas joined us for dinner, so when it came time to eat and I could just feel myself gagging with every bite, I could not exactly say "no". I hope that some day I will try it again and enjoy it. For now I am feeling a little sick...

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