Friday, February 15, 2008

St. John Adventure - Day 13 (Little Lemshure Bay)

Today was our last real exploration (sob, sniff). Setting off at ~10am the taxi took us passed Coral Bay, passed Saltpond Bay, to the end of the paved road and then over a partially dirt and partially concerete and extremely steep path to the three bay area (Big Lemshure, Little Lemshure and Europa). As we drove we saw mangroves and many mud crabs, so as soon as Ana dropped us off, Husband and I went back and tried to catch some of them on film (unsuccessful).

On the beach a group of retired Czechoslovakian physicians finally explained to us which tree is the death apple - a plant with sap so poisonous that you can can't even hide under it in the rain. A bite of the fruit will make your throat close shut and you are done for.

Snorkeling was a little lame because the water is very murky, but there were some really huge fish in the water, and there was a rock in the middle of the bay that you could swim to and watch the pelicans that perch on it. On the beach Husband found some artwork, which I thought was wicked.
He spent much more time in the water, but I wanted to go check out Yawzi point, an outcropping between the two Lemshure bays. I cannot tell you how beautiful it was! With water all around, and the cliff and waves, it looked like I was at world's end!

Ana picked us up around 2pm and we went to Skinny Legs for lunch. It was actually really delicious, and I spent quite a bit of time in conversation with Frank who is a forester, and who spoke at such length about his business that I feel like I could not go into forestry myself. He did irritate me at the end though, because when it came time to split the bill he had strong objections over my calculations about how much was each person's share and insisted that I owed him 25 cents. So after we got back to camp we happily went our separate ways. I was feeling really cold for some reason, and especially so after taking a shower, so I got all bundled up in fleecy pants and a sweater. We had dinner with Priscilla - rice with nuts and fruits, falafel and a strange guacamole (avocado with mayonnaise), and then went to look at the stars. I had found a little star chart and we spend quite some time trying to find all the different constellations. The ones I was able to identify for sure were - Orion, Mars, Taurus, Pleiads, Gemini, Cassiopeia, Auriga, Aries and maybe Pegasus.


maeverin said...

did you get a pic of the death apple tree? what happens if the sap touches you?

Paulina said...

Nope, no picture. Don't know why I didn't take one. It is actually called Manchineel, and you can find info on Wikipedia about it. It is one of the most poisonous plants on earth, touching it will cause blistering, smoke from burning the leaves can cause blindness, and eating the fruit will cause swelling of the throat, which can easily lead to death. Good thing there was no label at any where near by!
And I was so worried, because Husband has this annoying habit of trying fruits to see if they are edible. I get so mad with him, but does he care????