Thursday, March 20, 2008

Woman Stuck to Toilet

Here I was complaining about my silly little emetophobia, when this poor woman was putting herself through an unimaginable ordeal! I am sure you've heard the story, but just to recap, the unnamed Kansas woman had begun about two years ago to hang out more and more in the bathroom of her boyfriend's mobile home. Eventually she stopped leaving the bathroom entirely, though according to the boyfriend, 37 year old Kory McFarren, she would still move around, bathe and change into fresh clothing. About a month ago, however, she had apparently stopped leaving the toilet seat entirely, developed sores and infections, which lead to nerve damage and physically grafted her to the toilet seat. McFarren finally called 911 when she began to be incoherent or out of it, and they took her, along with the attached seat to the hospital. The man is now being charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult, while the woman is being said to be uncooperative with medical staff and authorities. The entire situation was precipitated by some events in the woman's past, neglect or abuse, in which she was locked in her parent's house. Additionally the woman's mother had died when she was young.
I have mixed feelings about this, of both shock, disgust, a scary kind of understanding, and a guilty happiness over being much more sane. Our minds are scary places, not easily fixed, and without which even a healthy body is worthless.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...

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maeverin said...

i don't think the boyfriend should be charged, he was just stupid. why on earth would you not at least call police if your loved one has sequestered themselves to one room? how is it the thought never crossed his mind after a week of not leaving the bathroom that the situation was not going to get better?
still, i don't think he NEGLECTED her, he did bring her food and clothes and was a fantastic enabler.
admittedly, the bathroom would be my choice if i had to lock myself somewhere--i feel most comfortable there if there is trouble and it's where i do my best thinking. so i can relate to why she would choose the bathroom, but why stay on the toilet? that sounds like a fear of not being able to reach the potty if you feel nature's call. the whole thing is very sketchy to me. if she is not cooperating with authorities, then who is telling the story? the boyfriend? maybe she is not talking in order to protect him because he is a sunnuvab* but she has the whole "if something bad happens to me it's my fault" thing going on...