Thursday, May 22, 2008

My First Psychic Experience

Yesterday Husband and I went to see a Medium (people who talk to or channel spirits). I was very excited about going because I had never been to a medium before, don't really believe in it all that much, but wanted to be pleasantly surprised.
During the hour long drive that would take us to the medium's house, we had a most pleasant experience - a rainbow had formed over the field that we were driving past, but it was a rainbow like I had never seen before, nearly solid and so close! We pulled the car over and it just so happened that from our vantage point the rainbow 'ended' in a small clump of oaks in the middle of this vast green field, coloring the trees in it's colors. It looked unreal. And I curse the fact that I did not have a camera with me.
So taking the rainbow as a positive omen we finally arrived at the medium's house. She was an older lady, perhaps in her sixties, wearing a little pink cardigan and in her house, on every available surface stood angel figurines. We sat on a big comfy couch (cushions embroidered with angels) and she on an armchair across from us. She was very friendly and pleasant and asked what we would like to accomplish. I explained in many more words, that basically I was looking for something that would seem believable to me, that I didn't have any particular queries aside from a proof of her profession. Also prior to beginning the woman new the following facts:
- that I was from Russia
- that Husband was from Brazil
- that we were biologists (I didn't mention my art at all)
- that Husband is a believer and I am not

So here is more or less some of our dialog:

She asked me then if I have a grandmother that has passed. I said yes. She asked if my grandmother used to wear a babushka (makes no sense since babushka is the Russian term for grandma). I said I did not know what she meant. She said that it might be a Polish term and asked if she wore a scarf on her head a lot. I said no but that she had very distinctive red hair. She then told me that what she had seen was a red scarf and that the red hair makes sense to her now. She said grandma was very busy having a great time there. She asked if grandma had been a very lively person when she was alive. I said she was a firecracker, which was really not true at all to the best of my knowledge because I didn't really get to know her much but from what I knew of her she was a very smart and very serious woman. Oh yes, said the medium, she is bathed in sparkles, like those 4th of July fireworks - here she kind of began to loose me a bit. She then looked at me very seriously and said "You loved her very much, considering. Isn't that true?" "Considering what?", I said. She didn't really explain, and I said that grandma died a long time ago and I am sure I loved her and that she loved me. She then said that grandma did love me very much, that she is proud of me and of all that I have accomplished, even if I think it is not much (again, Huh?). She then said that she approves of my Husband, that she is patting him on the head and saying that he is a good one. Says she is very busy there and having a good time. She also apparently said something like "I'm not a clown you know", meaning, presumably something about her hair. Finally she mentioned that grandpa was very sad without her and that he would probably like to join her, and that had it been a different time she might have lived longer (grandma died of cancer, so I guess that could be true, though kind of obvious).
At this point I am already fairly disappointed with her, but she then goes on to introduce my guide. "I'm not Einstein you know" says my guide to her. Apparently he is some kind of mad scientist with crazy hair and glasses, short and funny. The final message to me from my guide and grandma seems to be that I should be quiet, go meditate, allow myself to feel with my heart rather than my head, and that love is very important.
I then ask if there any more dead relatives hanging out nearby and she tells me that there is a boy of about 12 or 13. I tell her that I do not believe I have any such relatives. She says he died by accident, possibly drowning. Again, I do not know such a person. She then asks Husband if it might be one of his relatives, which again it is not. The boy then apparently says that once dead people are often forgotten, and that he would like to tell his parents that he is ok now. She then settles on the idea that the kid is Husband's guide, and that he is telling him to lighten up.
Eventually we come around to asking some questions. I ask if there is any particular reason behind my phobia (without mentioning what it is). She says that whatever I have forgotten, I have forgotten for a reason, and that I need to learn how to breathe deeply, which would give me more peace. She mentions that we should go to the local Buddhist monastery, where she sees us being hugged or protected by a very large man. Then I ask if Husband and I had known each other in a past life. She says that in Africa we were brother and sister and died young, and then we were Aborigine brothers who also died young, and that we have come to this lifetime to live out a nice long happy life. I ask if we will have kids and she says yes, two boys and a girl. A couple more messages for Husband, which I will not post here out of his privacy, and then three hours later we are done.
Even my believer Husband is not convinced. In my opinion a lot of what she said was some kind of free association. She knew I was Russian so she latched on to the idea of a Russian grandma with a handkerchief around her head. She knew I was a biologist so my guide was some kind of weird Einstein dude. Not once was my artistic side mentioned, by the way! She thought I would use my head to much because I was a scientist, which I don't really think is at all true. I spend a lot of time quiet, and thinking, and feeling, so who knows what that's all about. So overall I rate the experience, with the exception of the rainbow for which she tried to take some credit, as a disappointment. Nevertheless, it makes me eager to meet some of those really intense mediums they apparently have in Brazil, even if they don't have much time for silly proofs and personal readings.


maeverin said...

did it cost a lot?
how did you come to visit this particular one?

Paulina said...

she does not have a specific fee, you give as you feel, so it was not very expensive. she was recommended to us by a very dodgy hypnotherapist, which should have told us something I guess.

TheChemGuy said...

Wow, that was close! I was afraid that the ending might have been different which might necessitate me altering my views about psychics. I read a book called "Spook" which debunks psychics and like phenomena. It might have saved you the trip and expense, but then again, you would have missed the rainbow!

Paulina said...

I read "Spook" also. Excellent book. Mary Roach has another book - "Stiff" or something like it, but I haven't got the courage to read about corpses.