Thursday, June 5, 2008

Change your DNA - recycled post

This is something I wrote several years ago and thought of this morning for some reason. I have copy-pasted my original writings below but this time in purple! Enjoy...

I cannot believe what I have stumbled upon! In a magazine I see this advertisement, that claims to offer you: "life without fear, improved nutritional awareness, detachment from your hot buttons, improvement of your relationships, empowerment of self-love and increase in your emotional stability", all by activating your DNA!

I am intrigued. A Dr Robert V Gerard is listed and it is mentioned that this fact (!) is scientifically and medically verified. There is also a website ( I go see for myself...

To summarize and quote, the basis of this DNA healing project is to activate your DNA ("a natural and most sacred process") by a succession of 5 activation steps as described in books and on CD. "Trillions of protein receptors within your cells ", they say, "actually serve as perception filters." "From the moment of conception, our internal DNA computer began to record every single event beyond its original structure. Every perceived emotion, whether generated by our senses or those from the external environment (observations, beliefs, traumas, events, conditioning, social scripts, etc.) are registered and collected into our cells and your DNA." Our DNA, therefore, according to Dr. Gerard, records what happens to us as a constantly updated database. Naturally then, there is apparently a way to consciously tell your DNA to record something different, or perhaps to delete something you don't want there. Hmmmm, intense. How is this done, you may ask?

Stage 1: "You set your intent to receive this special gift of life. Then you enter a theta brain wave state, connect with your Deity and affirm that the activation is being performed with the purest intent and love from your heart. The Universal Energies of Love and Life will then move down through the top of your head and into your body. The DNA Activation invocation is recited, commanding that the Archetypal Chromosomes be activated at the ethereal or consciousness level. Then ten new strands of DNA are called forth and stacked and integrated. This complements and accelerates the functioning of the existing DNA."

Stage 2: not really well described but I think it has something to do with the 5 new DNA pairs from stage 1.

Stage 3: " There are four major components to the 3rd DNA Activation, though, the inner two are most powerful. One helps identifying traumatic imprints upon your DNA, and the other, "The Healing Vision of Uniqueness" serves as your primary self-empowerment tool. Your "Healing Vision of Uniqueness" has been encoded on your DNA prior to conception, and will be revealed to you during the activation."

Stage 4: "This activation performs a high level integration of the MALE and FEMALE Energies. The purpose of this activation is to initiate the attainment of complete balance of human evolution with regards to gender consciousness. Once attained, the individual will realize a unified human consciousness that is equipped to handle the beginning elements of Divine Consciousness."

Stage 5: again, not well explained.

My favorite bit by far is this blurb about what DNA they are actually activating. "Dr. Collins of the Human Genome Project stated in 1998 that "...33% the entire DNA has now been studied." (As of 2005 this figure is now 98%). Scientists claim that "...a large portion of what remains in the DNA is insignificant or unusable." They have unwittingly termed this portion as "junk" DNA. I, as well as many of my colleagues, find this to be preposterous, knowing that GOD created the Divine Blueprint par excellence with Highest Intelligence, and for a yet undetermined reason, medical science refers it as "junk." Just because our scientists cannot figure out how and why the codons sequence into genes, should not limit the myriad potential and possibilities of the intelligence prescribed on that portion of the DNA."

I would need hours to properly vent my feeling about this last paragraph. As I do not wish to bore, let me just state a few obvious facts and leave the Creationism debate for another day.

Fact 1: Junk DNA is indeed fascinating, and full of riddles and discoveries yet to be made. Most of these vast expenses of DNA do not code for any proteins. Those few that used to, have mutated beyond repair and deactivated, and most likely no longer functioning (these are called pseudogenes). Most of this sea of 'debris' is simply left over from our evolutionary ancestry, (as well as formed through the action of Human Endogenous Retroviruses), and it services many useful roles, one of which might be the protection of the rest of our precious functioning DNA (that is quite active, thank you very much) from damage by mutation.

(DISCLAIMER: this paragraph is a summary of my understanding of junk DNA, which due to my lack of personal experience or any in depth study is an oversimplification and may contain the sort of mistakes that are common when speaking of a field of study that is changing every day. As a scientist, I cannot in good conscience state that anything that is currently postulated is a fact, which is in great contrast to those who are guided by faith and can state the facts with absolutely certainty. This is a dilemma I will let you ponder on your own time...)

Fact 2: The statement "how and why codons sequence into genes," is most bizarre. Codons do not sequence into genes. Genes are made up of codons (a codon is a unit of three consecutive nucleotides on the mRNA of a gene that is translated into an amino acid by a ribosome, a well understood process). Genes can be sequenced (tee hee - I do this all day long, I should know!). So can proteins that have been made from the information within a gene passed along as a sequence of codons. I am not sure what mystery they are talking about here.

Dr. Gerard I should say does have a PhD, which I don't. It is possible that his studies in Metaphysical Psychology at The College of Metaphysical Studies have awarded him a greater understanding of human genetics than my brief education and limited work experience. As a matter of personal interest, I should also mention that Dr.Gerard was "guided by a Higher Spirit" to meet his wife, Ms. Zeljka Roksandic, a Croatian clairvoyant. It seems they enjoy a great friendship with the Russian people. Ah, those Russians....


maeverin said...

wow--thems good drugs...
with the exception of all the weird godly babbling, he has a point, one that i try to live by--you are in charge of you. he just goes about it in a completely unbelievable manner that gives him no credibility (to me anyway.
i can't really comment on the whole DNA thing because everytime i read it my head starts to spin and my eyes glaze over. but i find the concept of "junk" DNA kind of hard to believe--i mean--it's THERE. i find it odd we would have anything in our bodies, or in this case making up our bodies, that we don't use, haven't used, or have the potential to use.
or perhps i am completely missing the point...

Al Diaz said...


Great post, thanks. All DNA is sacred.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

Paulina said...

It's a bit like an appendix except it still has a purpose though not the same one it had before. It's a collection of various fragments of genes, former genes, some other organism's genes, etc and it cushions our DNA from damage. Junk is just a word.