Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Current Venus"

Today was the big festival here in town and I participated in the painting competition. The rules were to start with a blank canvas between 10 and 11am and submit a finished work at 2pm. At 5pm they gave out some prizes and in a few weeks all the pieces will be auctioned. It was definitely a challenge but I got it done. What with the driving and all I painted from start to finish in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Here are the images as the work progressed.

The thing I like the least is the head. It seems out of proportion after all. I tried to fix it but time was running out so that is that. I love her legs. And I love the water. I am also pretty happy about the bathing suit. I think overall I am very satisfied. Also I got an award - Best Acrylic.

Here is the link to the Best of Show winner, Jime Grabowski and her painting "Chaotic Freedom".


maeverin said...

i love it! just love it!
i thought it was going to be one of those deals when you paint in downtown for others to watch. did you do this from a photo? i agree the head is a little off, but i only noticed it when you pointed it out. congrats on the award! did you get to see other paintings?

Paulina said...

Yeah, I was going to paint it downtown but couldn't find a good spot so ended up doing it at home. I did it from several photos, but yeah, I had a picture. And I saw most of the other paintings, but not all. There will be a show and a reception so I'll try to take some pictures of the others.

Jime Alena said...

Hi Paulina!
It was good to meet you at the festival, I always have fun when I travel to Ithaca...Thank you for the great link, what a nice gesture!
~jime grabowski

Jime Alena said...

Hey Paulina!

Have you heard anything about your painting and the auction? They won't reply to my emails :(

~Jime G.