Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Jury is still Out

The art class I talked about taking has started now. The first day only three people showed up and it looked like we could get away with a two days per week independent study, but then on the second class more people came so now it will be a full 5 day/week, 6 week course after all. My feelings towards the course are not too warm right now. The teacher is remarkably old, and although he knows his way around Photoshop very well, he is not very good at explaining it, or perhaps I am too dense. Regardless, I find myself confused a lot and when I ask him questions, my confusion usually increases. So yesterday was just a doodle, play around, get yourself familiar with all the buttons kind of day, and here are the two pieces I managed to create. One is finished, the other not. I wish I had a tablet to draw with, and not just a mouse. One kid in the class has one and his drawings tend to be much cooler.

Can you find the girl in the one below? Maybe I'll get to finish it up later.


Karina said...

Cool! I like them both.

maeverin said...

yeah, i've been dying to get a tablet for a while. you still have more control with a mouse than i can get! I love playing with filters in photoshop. my biggest hang-up is the whole layer thing.

Paulina said...

I found the layers confusing at first but I think I have at least an understanding of what they are up to, if not the know-how to make them work