Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bejing 2008: Kanayeva and Bessonova

I don't have TV, and I don't really like sports, but I did make a point of watching some of the Olympics on The competition I was looking forward to the most was rhythmic gymnastics. I was rooting for Ukraine's Ganna Bessonova, because I enjoyed her Athens performance, and she did not let me down, performing beautifully and winning a bronze. The newcomer this year, and the gold medal winner was Evgeniya Kanaeva, a Russian 18 year old, who did was so beyond everyone else in skill and grace it was remarkable. In my personal, biased opinion, Ganna Bessonova deserved at least a silver however.

The other gymnast I was cheering on was 10th place winner Almudena Cid of Spain. She is the oldest of the bunch, and did not do anything too technically complicated but she just seemed to have so much fun. Maybe because it was her 4th and probably last Olympics.

I couldn't get any finals footage but I did find these qualifying clips of Bessonova and Kanayeva. I just wish there was more footage of Kanayeva with the ribbon. The things she did with it were unbelievable. Bessonova is first in each 'instrument' or whatever it's called, then Kanaeva. The music is "Nara" by E.S.Posthumous in case you like it.


Some pictures of Kanaeva:

Some pictures of Bessonova:


maeverin said...

how fun would it be to be a clothing designer for these types of sports? ^_^

Liza said...

I am so jealous. They never played the rythmic gymnastics when I was watching so I only got to see the regular gymnastics which too was impressive but I don't care for it as much.

Paulina said...

you can just watch it online! That's what I did. Go to and pick "rhythmic gymnastics" from the column on the left.