Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic Convention Day 3- what a night!

I listened to the convention last night via Air America radio, which was streaming it live with little bits of commentary between speeches. Wow, what a night! I cried, I laughed, it was so exciting. It really gave me a profound sense of something or other.
My favorite parts:
- New Mexico and Illinois yielded to New York during the roll call, and Hillary went up to the mic and asked the procedural rules to be suspended and to nominate Barack Obama by acclamation. Palosi then asked the crowd of delegates to vote and they all scream Yay!. Oh it's beautiful.

- Bill Clinton gets up to speak and the crowd just won't quiet down. He has to ask them finally to stop. And what a speech! The man can speak, that's for sure. The most popular president of our time. He makes a full endorsement of Obama, specifically stating that Obama is ready and fully qualified.

- then Kerry rips his friend McCain a new one, which is really nice because we didn't get to hear any fighting words from him in 2004.

- Beau Biden, Joe Biden's son, and Attorney General of Delaware, came up to introduce his dad. He spoke about the accident, in which his mom and sister were killed shortly after Joe was elected to the Senate - made me sob. And then Joe Biden came up and gave a lovely speech. He said some really sweet things about his son and mother, and beat up on McCain some more. And as he was done Obama surprised everyone by showing up and saying thanks to him in person, which was just so touching.

It was all so uplifting. Still, there were some points made that I strongly disagree with. Joe Biden spoke of holding Russia accountable and supporting the young democracy in Georgia. I have already told you my views on the subject, but I think this was wicked pandering.

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