Monday, August 18, 2008

No Credit for Creationism Classes

Excellent! The poor bastards will benefit from a real biology class. Man, creationists make me mad. And the poor kids brain washed from childhood! Even if they keep believing, good on UCLA for standing up for proper educational standards.


maeverin said...

i actually got in a heated argument over this. he says there should be credit because it is taught as theology which is a valid major. i said not at the expense of evolution being taught as nothing more than joke. unfortunately, his point was stronger than mine since it is a college course and the students have likely been exposed to the more scientific aspects in HS. i lost:(

Paulina said...

but they wish for biology credit. if they want theology credit for their biology class, I suppose I don't see anything wrong with that except that it's weird and they probably have other theology course work