Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin, Oh Shit!

Totally unexpected, in my opinion, was McCain's pick today of Alaska governor Sarah Palin for his VP. I actually thought it was a joke at first. My uneducated opinion - he is trying to get Hilary's supporters.
I know very little about her, and look forward to finding out more, but she seems to be popular, have a decent grasp of financial issues, and is abysmal on abortion, creationism and gay rights. So if the Republicans win, she'll be our next president, because let's face it, McCain isn't long for this world.


maeverin said...

i'm not surprised she'd be "abysmal on abortion" didn't she just have her 5th kid?
and i agree with you that McCain is trying to get Hilary's voters with this.
i actually kind of feel bad for Romney. talk about burn!

Liza said...

Not only does she have 5 kids but there is already a rummored scandle that the kid is not really hers but in fact the kid of one of her young kids that she is claiming as one of her own.

Paulina said...

excellent! but it's probably not true, since they vet their candidates. They couldn't expect to get away with that sort of information with their conservative base.