Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why, oh why, is McCain doing so well???

I have been all atwitter this past week, terrified at the notion that McCain could actually win the election this year (and by that I mean legally, and not through election fraud as happened the last two times). I am not exaggerating, the thought actually scares me. More than the prospect of four more years of neo-con rule, what really bothers me is the reality of more than half of Americans actually voting for him. If McCain wins, I promise you, I will loose what's left of my faith in this country and it's people.
Not that I ever really had much to begin with. Most Americans, I am sorry to say, are simple, selfish, poorly educated, blindly patriotic, and remarkably ill-informed when it comes to anything of importance outside it's borders (and frequently within the borders as well). Naturally, for my own well being, I make a point of staying far away from these fools, and try to keep in my circle of acquaintances people who will not drive me up the wall with their ignorance. And as most human beings, I prefer to be around those who share my core values. There are some exceptions, such as a few deeply religious people that have made it on my list of friends, whose faith I am willing to overlook just as long as we don't discuss it too much and their other values don't contradict mine. Yet I have recently become aware that at least two of my closer friends, are planning to vote for McCain. AAAAAAAAh!!!
What? How? Whyyyyyy?????? Well, that is precisely what I asked one of them (the one that I can hope to remain friends with even if we disagree on politics, because thankfully, we agree on most everything else). So I have decided that from now on I will dedicate a few posts to topics that my friend has brought up as of importance to her (and reasons for choosing McCain over Obama), and so as not to single her out, I will also draw from the general pro-McCain and anti-Obama opinions and give my take on them. This being my blog, I think I am perfectly entitled.
Some of the things I plan to write about are clarifications/information about Obama's stance on an issue, others will refute blatant lies of the opposition, and others still will simply point out what I think is bad about McCain. Naturally my hope is that some of my readers (all 5 of you or whatever) might be swayed either by facts or my fervor. Mostly, however, I need to vent.
First and foremost, however, a disclaimer. The following is a list of things I believe to be right and moral and the best way of doing things. If you truly think that the opposite way is better, and this is your honest opinion, and not an uninformed or brain washed one, then you have my respect in that at least you use your head for something. It is perhaps better, however, if we never meet, as we are sure to dislike each other immensely. Anyway, I believe ...
... that the USA is not the greatest country on Earth but just a country that happens to be big and rich and currently influential. It will pass, just like the British, the Ottoman and the Romans before them. For now we are capable of doing great harm but might be able to do a little bit of good too
... other countries and people who live in them are just as entitled to their opinions and a chance at expressing them as we are, providing they are not trying to kill us or too many others
... diplomacy and not military force should be used to solve problems
... when butting into other countries problems, we must do so because it is for the good of it's people, and not because we can gain something economically (OIL!!!)
... people get the government they deserve
... the best thing about America is the promise of freedom
... I believe in the freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom FROM religion
... America is not a Christian nation, there just happen to be a lot of Christians around
... being a Muslim is not bad, and it certainly does not make you evil
... every woman should have the right to choose whether to keep or get rid of (kill, if you'd like) the embryo/fetus inside of her
... every single person in this country should have excellent and affordable medical coverage; EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!
... taxes are good and necessary but the less you make the more tax break you should get
... corporations are not people, they are not entitled to the same rights, and should not get benefits people do not
... if you want to stop illegal immigrations, try to work with Mexico and make it better, so that fewer people feel like immigrating
... and on a similar note, every one in this country was once an immigrant
... education should be excellent and free, at least up until Bachelor's level; it should be paid for by taxes
... creationism and other religious nonsense has no place in public schools, unless you are discussing religion as a subject matter
... being homosexual is no different than being heterosexual and all rights including those of getting married (legal in the eyes of the law, not God) must be available to all
... we must all care for the sick and the poor who cannot care for themselves
... and the help to the sick and the poor must be excellent and paid for by taxes
... real unbiased journalism should make it's way back into every day media (television)
... anchors and talk show hosts who blatantly lie should be fired
... politicians who are found to be blatantly lying, stealing or cheating should be fired
... this planet is precious, global warming and pollution are a problem, and no country and no people are special enough that they can't be inconvenienced for the sake of keeping the planet around for a little while longer, SUCK IT UP and recycle etc
... who you have sex with is none of my business unless you are hurting them or me

There are probably a few others but these are just a few that come to mind. Anyway, today's post is just a kind of introduction to my future theme. If any of you have any suggestions of topics/points I should discuss, drop me a comment.


maeverin said...

as i believe i am one of those close friends in question, i thought it might be pertinent to inlude a short list of my own beliefs:
--the US may or may not be the greatest country, but it certainly carries some of the greatest potential.
--diplomacy SHOULD be the answer, but some do not answer or respect "talk". sometimes, you have to show force before you can be heard.
--there seems to be a serious lack of a willingness on both parties to shut up and listen and make sound choices for themselves. they hear what they want to hear, they say what they are told.
--i believe in freedom of speech, press, OF religion (including having none) but moreover the right to use tact and common sense. just because you can say something, doesn't mean you should or even have to.
--this nation is made of many people and many faiths, each of which has a right to be respected.
--no one person should be used to define a nation/faith/political affiliation.
--a woman's right to choose, not the government's ability to choose for her.
-- free healthcare for all is NOT FREE!! it is very expensive and we would have to make sacrifices in the quality of care to make up for it.
--everyone has a right to take care of themselves. it is NOT the govt's job to make sure we aren't over weight.
--mexico is not interested in making mexico better, they want to come here because we are letting them. we have proven to be a country far more interested in other people's welfare than our own citizens.
--my grandfather came to this country, learned english, and became a productive, respectable american. he didn't force others to change their ways to suit him.
--as with healthcare, education cannot be free AND excellent. for one, you will have to sacrifice the other.
--i am happy to help care for those who cannot care for themselves. i am not happy to care for those who simply will not care for themselves.
--we must all hold ourselves accountable for our own actions! we must be responsible for our lots in life! if you are not happy with life, that is not the govt's problem or any one elses. YOU are the ONLY ONE responsible for YOU. if you don't want govt butting in your life, don't invite them. if a group of people are failing, we cannot lower the bar to make sure they succeed.
--there are such things as losers. and that is okay. do better next time.
--we won't learn anything by whining.
--we are not entitled to anything we did not earn. the sense of entitlement in this country is staggering.
--the recognition if race (that person is black, that person is asian)is not racism. i am not spreading hate and bigotry by merely making an observation.
--i will NOT be told how to live my life. if i make an unhealthy choice, it is mine to make. i will accept the consequences.

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