Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Comic of the Day

Ever notice how often I have "Pearls Before Swine"? I guess they are excellent stand alone comics. So here are two for today:


maeverin said...

this is one of the best strips out there! did you see sunday's? swear to god i did the exact same thing while working at family dollar. so sad.
speaking of sad, "for better or for worse" finished the new storylines. it was a very sweet ending *sniff*.

Paulina said...

do you mean running around screaming "Take me!" or running into telephone poles? Too bad Grandpa Jim had a heart attack and they ended up in the emergency room on their wedding day.

maeverin said...

if there were telephone poles, both:)
it is too bad that's where he ended up, but it also freaks me out because that is just the thing we have been talking about for our wedding day. my dad's certainly not getting any better and my boyfriend even asked me that if he was to be in the hospital if i wanted to move the ceremony there (this was waaaaay before FBOFW did it)
to which i answered no because i thought it wouldn't be fair to the other guests (not having 60+ people at the hospital!)