Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Duty, Honor, Country, Desk...

Just heard Mike Huckabee give his speech at the Republican National Convention. He just finished a story about a teacher, Martha Cothren, who had all the desks taken out of her classroom and told her students that they would not get a desk until they told her how they earned it. Apparently, the students could not guess what they were supposed to do to get their desks, behaving well, getting good grades, none of that worked. So at the end of the day, Martha had all the students pile into the room and she opened a door and a bunch of veterans came in, each carrying a desk. She said that the students did not need to do anything to earn their desks, because these veterans had already done that for them. Apparently Huckabee gave the same speech in 2007. It's not the story isn't interesting, but you had to hear it, I just laughed and laughed. I'll try to find a video.

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