Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Painting Seychelles

I recently did a painting for my mom's birthday of her fantasy get-away place, the Seychelles. The Republic of Seychelles is located on ~115 islands in the Indian Ocean, just above Madagascar. Naturally, it is very far and very expensive to get to, so since I couldn't afford to send her there, I figured, I would bring the Seychelles to her. So here is the finished piece, followed by two 'in progress shots' in case you are into that sort of thing. The canvas is 2x3 feet, painted with acrylics. Total time spent painting ~10 hours.

1 comment:

maeverin said...

as usual, this is just beautiful!
look at you, being a good artist and painting the background first;)
i am sure your mom will love it!