Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin, oh my!

Well I am still not over the news, and I am still not sure if this will be good or bad for the GOP. Part of me hopes that enough of the Republican base will be turned off by McCain's choice, but another part of me is very annoyed with Democrats (and some Republicans alike) for using what are in my opinion unfair or even sexist criteria for why Palin is a bad pick. Why the sudden, and apparently untrue, nude picture scandal? I think it's because Sarah Palin is a very obvious hot babe. Why do we worry about how many kids she has and whether or not she can take care of them - isn't that a very sexist attitude? She has been Governor for a while, I am sure she has the family thing working in some way or another. Maybe her husband can stay home with the kids. I say if we are going to attack Palin, do it on her politics. In the end, she believes and votes for all those things that I disagree with. Here are a few of her stated positions:
- anti abortion, even in case of rape and incest
- pro contraception
- abstinence-only schooling (interestingly, both she and her daughter will have had a shot-gun wedding)
- global warming is not caused by humans
- drilling in Alaska is ok
- polar bears are not endangered
- supports constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage and benefits to same sex partners
- creationism ok to be taught in public schools
I am still looking to understand her position on Iraq, foreign policy and the economy.

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