Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brazil Adventure 2008: Week 1

Totally yeah! I have now joined Husband in sunny beautiful Brazil. Since the first week of my visit was mostly uneventful I will simply summarize it for you. I arrived in Sao Paulo after about 22 hours on the road. A lot of that time was spent hanging out in the US airport as I arrived their quicker than expected. It wasn't all bad though because I had some nice food (weird in an airport) and bought a book to read, "Son of a Witch" by Gregory Maquire, which proved quite entertaining. During the ~9 hour overnight flight I was sandwiched between a businessman who slept literally the entire time (oh how I envy him), and a strange fella about my age who was going to Iponema and who was "self employed" and had "business" in Sao Paulo, though he adamantly refused to discuss any of this and just gave me meaningful looks. He probably thought I was a nutcase though, for the closer we got to Husband, the more restless I became, until my nerves gave out completely. I was in such a state I had to ask to cut the line at customs claiming I did not feel well. Still not sure what that was all about - the anticipation of the reunion, jet lag...?
Anyway, now I have been here for over a week, mostly chilling, or rather sweating as the case may be. The temperature is in the nineties (Fahrenheit) and though it thunderstorms occasionally, it is not much relief. The big thing going on here is the wall Husband has been building. I must say I am very impressed with what he has done, because he had never built a wall before.

This is before...

... and after.

The wall is 10 meters by 2.5 meters, with a 1.5 meter deep cement and steel foundation. It has further protection in the form of glass on top and a steel door not pictured.

One of the reasons for building the wall was to protect all the delicious fruit goodness that grows in their yard from hungry passerbys. Among the trees is a cashew. I had never seen one before. The nut is hanging out below the fruit, how odd! I can't say I am a big fan though. It sucks to be a picky eater.

The other big news is that my sister got engaged on Halloween. It's still sinking in a bit. My baby sister! Her fiance made the ring himself and it has a black diamond in it, but that's all the details I know at the moment.

Also I have caught a cold. It is a weird one, just a cough right now and a very unproductive one at at that. Mãe (my mother-in-law) made me some sort of native draught, a tea from local plant life, garlic, ginger, honey and lime. It's dreadful but perhaps it will help. Tonight we will be heading out on our small adventure to explore Southern Brazil. Tonight is also a very important occasion - THE ELECTIONS!!!! I will not know the results until tomorrow morning, because our bus leaves at 2am and with the time difference the polls on the Pacific coast will just be closing. I suspect you all know who I am supporting so here is hoping Obama licks McCain.

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Liza said...

I sure would like to see Obama LICK McCain. That would be an entertaining pictures.