Thursday, October 9, 2008

100th post!

Woo hoo! 100th post on this blog!! Woo hoo!!!
So I have been very lethargic since Husband left, not really interested in doing anything, even blogging. But I have been having some interesting times nevertheless. So today I will just catch you up on the weird happenings in my lonely life.

Last Friday a show with some of my works had it's opening reception. It was a resounding success, over a hundred people showed up, which is a feat in a small town and an out of the way bookstore pretending to be a gallery. I met some fascinating people, including a professional underwater photographer (granted she seemed reluctant to meet me) and a falconer. After the show I went out to eat and found the restaurant packed to the brim. Fortunately for me the aforementioned falconer, her fiance and a friend of theirs invited me to join their table and I spent a very agreeable dinner talking to these fascinating people. Turns out they are all musicians, and they invited me to their show. Fun!

This weekend I tried to preserve some of the harvest from our garden. First I attempted to dry the leeks. I read online that one should blanch them for 5 minutes in steam, cool them, and then dry. The only problem is that these wet, half cooked leeks really did not want to dry. I tried two methods - air drying and oven drying. Oven drying burned the leeks to a crisp. The air dried ones, 5 days later, are still soggy. Fortunately I have more leeks in the garden. I think next time I will not bother with the blanching. I also strung up some jalapeƱos and banana peppers to air dry. And I made horseradish. The recipe called for a foot long horseradish root, 1/2 cup white wine vinegar and salt to taste. What I had was a weird, spider looking horseradish, which was really annoying to peel and I had no idea how much vinegar to add. So here is what I did, in case you are interested in making some homemade horseradish:
- peel the roots, or simple scrub really well the roots too skinny to peel
- shred using a food processor (I just had a blender type with four blades, but if you have a grater that might be better. Alternatively grate by hand.)
- be careful when opening processor. I would recommend doing it in the fresh air. You can actually see the fumes of horseradish noxiousness escaping. Wow, I cried like a baby! It really clears out the sinuses though.
- mix with white wine vinegar and a bit of salt, and then refrigerate.
I noticed that it's turning from a yellowish white to a grayish color. I think this is normal. The potency is supposed to decrease with time.

Yesterday I lost some time. We have two alarms. One is Husbands, and since he is usually responsible for getting up and then waking me up a few hours later, I never had to think about it much till he left, at which point I realized that it's mechanics are entirely incomprehensible. For the first week it kept going off every single day, including the weekend at 6:30am or so, until I finally found something that looked like a shut off switch for the alarm. I still couldn't program it though, so I have simply been using my old alarm clock. So yesterday I woke up when my alarm clock said 8:45am, but his, inexplicable, said 9:45am. Some investigation confirmed, that even though no two clocks in my house have the same time, they were more or less closer to the 8:45am estimate. Later in the day, while I was at work, I was on the phone scheduling an appointment for 12:15pm, thinking that it was in half an hour since my clock said 11:45am. When I went out into the lab to do some last minute work before I left, the clock their said 11:30am. Wtf... It turned out to be 11:15am...

And today I found butter in my silverware drawer. I must have put it there, with the knives, last time I used it, but it gave me quite a laugh. So as you see, I am not functioning very well without my hubby.