Thursday, May 28, 2009

DIY: Wedding Cake Topper

Husband and I got married three weeks after our "engagement". One thing I wish I could have done was a wedding cake topper that looked like us (have you ever noticed that the grooms NEVER have beards? I had to paint one on for him). So when it came time for my sister's wedding I offered to make a custom cake topper to look like the lovely couple. This took much more time and effort than I had imagined. I was lucky to find a friend of a friend who makes polymer clay dolls and who lend me some excellent books, including Katherine Dewey's "Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay" and Maureen Carlson's "Family and Friend's in Polymer Clay". Both good in their ways, Dewey's book much more life like and specific, Carlson's more playfool and less descriptive (in case you are looking for a review).

To demonstrate the scale I was working with, here are some eyeballs:

It is a good idea to make extras in case you loose them. I ended up using the ones without metal posts.

Next I made the heads. This took a really long time and I threw away quite a few of them before I figured out that I had to bake them with very new feature. Cheeks? Bake. Nose? Bake. Jaw? Bake. Eyelids. Bake. etc This way what you had been working so hard on did not get deformed by accident.

Then I added the torso. Same story, bake with every feature.

I made a whole in the woman's skirt to support the flowers. I also sheepishly added a hint of manhood to my future brother in law.

Here he is almost dressed.

My sister got some arms to hold the flowers. These came out really nice and had pretty fingers, which no one will be able to see.

Then my sister got a dress. I was very nervous about doing this because I had to match her actual wedding dress and because this was the most exciting part, in my opinion.

The last thing to be done were his arms and hands. Sadly I was so sick of these guys by now (over a month of almost daily work!!!) that when they didn't turn out so well I just didn't have it in me to fix them. So he is giant-hand-man. I did alter my sister's jaw line a bit at the last minute as you may be able to tell. I also painted them with acrylics to get rid of that slightly green color of the clay. The paint did not go on very smoothly, which was a disappointment to me. Nevertheless, I am pretty satisfied. They aren't perfect, nor do they look more than 70% like my sis and her fiance, but not bad for a first try.


Rogener Pavinski said...

They are perfect! Wonderful

Spatula said...

This is so lovely! Hat off to you because working in polymer clay on such a small scale = madness in my book. I just spent 12 hours on a skeletal arm and hand, and now I want nothing more than to drown in a vat of liquor.

Paulina said...

Thank you both!

sher said...

Paulina... this is a great idea! You could make some BANK at this!!!!