Sunday, May 3, 2009

Explosive meds, Quantum of Silence and Kid with Anger Management Issues

Notes on recent trip to Russia.
April 2nd and 3rd

As I stated somewhere before, the actual business of traveling is way overrated. Since I was flying out of a tiny little airport I did not have to stand in line to check in, but then again there was no check in counter, nor an attendant to actually do any checking in. Security was in high form though. They took me and my Emetrol (4 oz!!! of anti-nausea meds) aside to get tested for explosives. I offered to take a little gulp but they just waved their little testing strips over it.

The first flight was packed with a retired people tour group going to Rome and the plane itself was making some very non-reassuring noises throughout the flight (a kind of random banging in the isle next to my seat. Any ideas? Even the other passengers noticed it.) It was also late, which was unfortunate because I had a very tight connection and the international flight was conveniently boarding at the completely opposite end of the terminal in DC. Fortunately my mother was already there, keeping the plane from taking off without me.

Even after I was on board the plane sat there for an hour waiting for "international documents", but I fully expect a plane to sit on the tarmac for at least an hour after it's scheduled departure time, so this was no biggy. And besides, the flight was an hour shorter than expected (only nine hours), and I got to watch "Quantum of Solace" without sound (thank you, United).

Mom and I both took 2 Tylenol PM each. She slept comfortably through most of the flight, I sat awake but dazed while a little kid behind me alternated pulling on my hair and punching me with his fists (until he fell down and split his lip, and then he bled on me for a change). Please, someone, invent the transporter already.

My aunt and cousin picked us up at the airport and drove us to their flat. Here then is my first view of Moscow.

After some snacking I passed out and slept for a few hours. I woke up in time for dinner. My other cousin got home by then, and so did my uncle. And that, of course, is the reason to endure all this traveling.

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