Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Never a Dull Moment or Living with Husband

On my birthday I woke to find THIS in the bathroom:

It is a bucket, filled with water, sitting on a magnetic stirrer which is stirring the bubbling water while one of my nylons filled with manure hangs from a curtain rod. This is compost tea.

Our gardening plans are much more ambitious this year. We rent land from the university, $18 for about 500 square feet. This year we are renting three plots.

Husband converted our porch into a makeshift greenhouse, so seedlings were started indoors about two months ago.
Since the (hopefully) last frost was only yesterday, all our seedlings are still hanging out in our house. There is now very little room to maneuver.
You will notice, I think, a complete lack of cleanliness. While I initially tried to keep some kind of order in this household, I have since given up. I clean once a week, it is messy again within hours of me doing so. Oh and the Christmas tree is still up.


Spatula said...

Hooray, I am not the only mess-meister!

Thinking of growing indoor roses to mitigate.

sher said...

you are too funny. And how are you two skinny kids gonna eat all those veggies????

Paulina said...

not to worry. The garden is now under an inch of standing swampy water - it will be a miracle if anything survives. stupid rains...