Friday, August 7, 2009

My take on healthcare

I have been quiet on the subject, not because I don't care, but because frankly I care too much. Healthcare reform is something that I have very strong feelings about. I was pleasantly surprised when it suddenly became such a big deal. Supporters say Obama ran on a healthcare platform. That is of course not true. Obama ran on an anti-war, anti-Bush platform, and it was Hilary who had a stronger stance on healthcare. Nevertheless, healthcare suddenly exploded onto the national stage, and I was tickled pink. So why have I been keeping mum? Because I don't believe that the US is able to pass something as humanistic as universal healthcare and I didn't want to get my hopes up. I have not been disappointed in my pessimism, as single payer was taken off the table, now public option is going the way of the dinosaur, and the fight against healthcare reform has turned so dirty it would be funny (if it weren't so sad).

So here is where I stand. I think every country that is able, and that definitely includes the US, should make sure that every single on of the people in it, regardless of financial, legal, and even citizenship status, should have full and complete and good health care. Period. Are you a bum living on the street? Are you an illegal alien? Are you Donald Trump? Are you feeling off color? Go to the doctor and be made better. It's that simple. No exceptions. Not to mention that the care should be so fucking awesome that even Donald Trump will have nothing to complain about.

Who pays for it? Everyone who can. As with any tax I think the rich should pay a bit more, and the poor less. Those who can't pay anything, don't. So will my tax dollars go to pay for someone who has never worked an honest day in their life? Yes! And I am bloody fine with it, and I don't understand those who aren't. (As an aside, a huge number of Americans claim to be Christians, but are in my opinion greedy selfish bastards when it comes to taking care of their neighbor).

To those misinformation bastards out there who say that we don't have enough money to make this work, consider that we already spend out of our own pocket (or our employers pocket which really means less wages for us) more on healthcare than other countries, and we are so shitty even Colombia and Singapore (and 34 other countries) are better that us. You are telling me this country that is supposedly so great can't make something so basic happen?

And what irks me even more is how many people DON'T want universal healthcare. I have my doubts about their understanding of the subject. All these seniors who are being riled up, told that their Medicare will suffer (duh you stupid old buggers, Medicare is universal healthcare for you lot!!!). Don't you understand that you are being used by the sneaky powers behind healthcare companies and conservative think tanks? Probably not... (incidentally did you know that the average Fox viewer is over 65, white and doesn't have a college degree? - for more interesting demographic knowledge stuff check this out). Now the same nitwits who brought you teabagging are bussing in "concerned constituents" (who are probably birthers to boot) to disrupt town hall meetings.

As you can see, my feelings run high on this subject matter, and I have probably offended a bunch of you by questioning your intelligence, but so be it. It was all for naught anyway, because as I said before, the US won't have universal healthcare for a long time still. Whatever it is that will be passed this year will be something lame and watered down, and I am not even holding my breath. I probably wouldn't be so buggered if they didn't keep calling themselves "the greatest country in the world". As fucking if.


maeverin13 said...

you know my feelings on the subject-- i think you
are as misinformed as you think i am. quick example, i'm not sure just how much
medicare would be screwed up, but the point is not medicare, it's that the elderly
have been told there just won't be enough resources to treat them. they will be
denied treatments if THEY feel the money can be better spent elsewhere. Don't
believe me? Tom Daschle said as much recently that the eldery just need to get over
it. not very humanitarian. but that's my moronic opinion.

Spatula said...

American health care system makes me laugh, puke and cry simultaneously. I'm debating whether I want to stay here or not, and the single most important factor I have to weigh is that I don't have access to socialized medicine here, and if I were to have a car accident, for example - a highly unlikely thing in LA, I know - I would be SO SCREWED.

As an outsider from a civilized country, I say if this one wants to be considered among those, it has to come up with the very basics of health protection for all its inhabitants.

I mean, not everyone has the option I do, of just moving to British Columbia if health care is a concern.