Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Egg Holders

When we lived in Russia, we used to have egg holders that included a saucer in their design, excellent for discarding egg shells and resting the spoon. When we moved to the States my mom decided not bring them, figuring that such an obvious thing would be easily purchased here. Ha! More than 10 years later she still hadn't found such a design, and so for Xmas I decided to get her some. After much searching I found several sites, most of them in the UK (and some antique shops) that sold these egg holders, but they were going for about $20 a piece. Then I found an outlet that sold plain white ones for just $2 each. Suspicious, I ordered 6 of them. What arrived was bisque, which is clay fired once (so it is solid and will not crumble) but not glazed (so it is porous and can't be used for anything much. I am very familiar with bisque because I used to work at a 'paint your own pottery' studio all through high school and college, but sadly, the nearest such place was quiet far. Still, I could disappoint my mom! So over Xmas vacation, Husband and I headed to this studio and painted mom's egg holders. Here they are before and after baking:

I should mention that it took a ridiculously long time for the studio to get it's act together and ship these guys, so mom just got them yesterday. She seems to like them.

PS: there is one mistake in color coordination here, an you located it?
PPS: the colors on the underside of each dish match the color in the egg whole. It's all very symmetric.

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Karina said...

I love those! How cool. I can't see the mistake.