Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feed the Fish Widget

I have added a little "feed the fish" widget to my blog but since I don't publish to blogger but an ftp (whatever that means) layouts and widgets and everything fun is extremely limited and complicated. Thus I don't know how to add the instructions that you should just click anywhere within the widget and you leave blue particles of food, which the fish will gobble up. It's cute (I think) and a total waste of time. Enjoy!!!

On a similar note - I may be moving this blog to blogger so I can have a run at the cooler templates and layouts and if I am really ambitious, I will create my own and even my own website. But I've been saying that for some time and nothing happens... I'll keep you posted.


Elena said...

That fish widget is awesome!

Paulina said...

Thanks! I got it from here:
Very talented man, this Adam Bowman.