Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Cat

On November 9th we lost our cat, Sophie. We are not sure what got her, but it appears to have been an animal (or large bird) of some sort. Then I had my detour into the Land of Frayed Nerves so a new cat seemed out of the question. But the house felt empty somehow and so we have acquired a new terror cat. As yet nameless, this homicidal jungle cat ball of fur spent her entire life (8 months) in the shelter. We were told she was mean to people, didn't like to be held, but was alright around other cats. Nothing could be further from the truth. No-name cat, or Good Grief as Husband likes to call her, is just a bundle of love. If you don't pick her up every so often, she will try to climb up your leg to be held. She is fascinated by water and will join you in the shower (or on the toilet, or when you wash dishes, or when you brush your teeth, or water your plants...), is scared of noises (such as the heater, the dishwasher, the washing machine, the dryer, the vacuum, the creaking chair, you breathing...) and does not appreciate other cats at all. She has the weirdest coloration (dilute long haired calico). Here are some pictures to get you acquainted. Some names being considered at the moment: Dharma and Dasha.


Spatula said...

I'm sorry about your cat loss, but it looks like you picked a good companion to console you! What a BEAUTY. That colouring, that fur length: sensational. That silly mug: adorabomination. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

She pings as Dharma to me. I send you all virtual squishes!

Karina said...

SO CUTE! We are long-term catsitting two cats, and one of them likes to do that pose on the bottom photo with the legs hanging off the edge. Our cat also likes to be picked up and carried around. Today I tried making a sling to carry him like a baby (kind of) so I could at least use both of my hands instead of holding his butt with one. I might have created a monster. He has me trained well.

Elena said...


I featured "Kytice" on my blog as per your suggestion! Thanks so much for the reference.