Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Giving up my Car

Since the oil spill started in the Gulf of Mexico I have not been able to look at my car without feeling that I am contributing to our culture's "addiction to oil". While I realize that gasoline powered transportation is a vital part of our life at the moment, I do believe that we can and should move past the use of such limited and dirty resources as coal, oil and gas. I strongly feel that this country needs to set an example to the world by investing in the research and infrastructure involved in using renewable resources such as solar, wind and possibly a few others (bio fuels maybe? geothermal?)

(for more BP logos check out this Flickr gallery)

At first I thought of trading my car in for a hybrid. (Incidentally - the only hybrids with manual transmission are Honda Civics 2003-2005!) After watching "No Impact Man" last weekend though, I have suggested to Husband that we should try to give up the use of our car for this summer. The reasons are two fold -

1) I won't feel guilty about buying and using gas
2) It will force me to get in shape

We are not going to be all hard core about it. The car is allowed for distant trips, emergencies, and the occasional reasons (whatever they may be). Also, the use of public transportation such as buses is allowed. This is especially helpful because of where we live in relation to the town - separated by a very steep and annoying hill!

So far it hasn't been very easy. I am seriously out of shape so my legs and really the rest of my body are protesting this treatment. Most days I have only had to bike the mile or so it takes to get to work, and the mile or so that it takes to get to the garden. Shopping has been a bit of a challenge, as is going to see my shrink and the festival that took place downtown this weekend. Still, we are persevering.

I have no illusions that taking our car off the road will make any sort of difference, but I have to say that I feel pretty good about our decision.

And on a happier note - blog migration seems to be complete and all the old images are up now! Hurray!!! You may also have noticed (or not) that I have changed the labels on the post for simplification. I have it down to just a few categories now, which should make browsing easier, I hope.

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