Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life in the Slower Lane

So it's been a little over three weeks since we switched to a bicycle (and occasional bus) lifestyle. Though challenging at first (many a hill made me want to cry), the car-less life certainly has it's advantages. First there is the health benefit (hopefully), and I can report that I feel a bit more energetic and that my legs appear to be gaining some hitherto missing strength. Also noticeable has been the general slow down in the pace of life around here. I don't feel like we are rushing around much anymore. Decisions about what to do, where to go, and what we need are being reformulated with distance and time in mind. Finally, and most surprisingly, we seem to be discovering our town as if for the first time. Not only have we come across local attractions that we were just simply unaware of before, but little things along the side of the road are suddenly coming into view. Here are some examples of what I am talking about:

A mystery plant. Looks like a maple of sorts (based on the leaves) but seems to have these strange flowers. Anyone know what this plant is?

Some place called Gothic Alley. I had a blast exploring it.

Rocks by the side of the road. Someone has taken the time to balance them quite ingeniously.

And look where they are located - right by the side of the road at the mall where I have driven many a time. Interesting side note - I was just returning from the store with a big package of toilet paper strapped to my bike. I was getting weird looks from the peeps in the cars.

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maeverin said...

ohmuhgod that plant! i haven't seen one of those in YEARS! i'm sorry, i don't know what kind it is, but i remember taking them apart when i was a kid. there's a kind of fuzzy/tendril ball thing inside if memory serves.