Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Poo

I am seriously considering this new (?) trend of not shampooing hair, aka No Poo. Basically you just get your hair wet in the shower, but don't use any product to wash it. Once a week you may want to condition with something like DevaCurl No Poo, which is a sudless cleanser, or really any conditioner. And once every couple of weeks you could wash the head with some backing soda. Apparently the hair, once it gets over it's oil overproduction that has been brought on by years of shampoo use, will develop it's own lovely sheen, become gorgeous, hold a style, and your scalp will stop flaking as well. Best for curly or wavy haired peeps.

Here is a lovely article about one woman's experience with No Poo, and her advice. Also thinking of reading this book, called "No more dirty looks" about living life with more natural beauty products :) On a final note, why is it always assumed that hippies smell like patchouli?

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Catherine said...

from my experience, it's because patchouli is used to maintain hair dreads (i had a friend who did this).