Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CNN interview with Michael Scheuer

Michael Scheuer, a former CIA counterterrorism analyst, was on CNN the other day. His opinion is that we will be arming the Libyan rebels, something that Obama have been saying they won't do, and his concern is that the rebels are primarily Muslim insurgents. In other words, we'd be arming those with whom we have beef in the Middle East. I hope his assessment is incorrect, but I have to say that it makes the most sense.

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Anonymous said...

Michael Scheuer has been known for his on the Bin Laden tracking team in the 90's for the CIA. He is a pugnacious man, but was one of the very few men that took Bin Laden seriously as he declared war on America at Tarnak Farms in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. He is the American expert on Islamic terrorism or in his opinion, Islamic insurgency