Friday, February 3, 2012

Catching Up

So my daughter, henceforth known as Offspring, will be seven months old next week. I thought I might try getting back into blogging a bit, time permitting. This may well become a parenting-adventure blog, who knows...

In the meantime, I'll try to summarize the last seven months. I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy and an excellent birth. It was a bit long for my liking - 21 hours, but that's pretty standard. The pushing was my least favorite part by far (about 3 hours) and left me with some complications that I'm still not entirely over. Other than that, I'm pretty proud to say, it was an unmedicated, pretty damned relaxed affair. Offspring is perfect in every conceivable way and the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life, ever. It's been said before, and I will say it again - I did not know I could love someone that much.

I've taken 11 months off from work, and frankly I'm not entirely sure I want to go back then either. I'd like to stay home maybe till she's 18 months or even 2 years. March is when my boss expects a decision from me so I have a lot of agonizing and pro and conning to do.

As far as parenting is concerned, I've been surprised to discover that I turned out to be one of those hippy attachment parenting types. Well, maybe not THAT surprised. So we cosleep (aka bedshare, sleep in one bed), nurse 'on cue', which at the moment is about 12 to 15 times a day/night, we do elimination communication (aka infant potty training), baby wearing (baby in a sling), I'm considering baby led weaning (no purees), and the only thing that didn't really work out for us was cloth diapers. I'm thinking each one of these deserves their own post so that's my plan for the near blogging future. I also have some baby book reviews for ya'll in case you are so inclined.

Mostly parenthood for us has gone something like this:
Me: "OMG, what do we do now about ____?"
Husband: "Dunno."
Me: (reads all available books, websites and blogs on the subjects, harasses all her parent friends and relatives) "No one seems to agree, isn't there a right way to go about _____?"
Husband: "Let's do ____, it feels right to both of us."
Me: "I'm a terrible parent."

I wish the afterbirth wasn't the placenta (which is in our freezer, by the way) but a manual.

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