Monday, September 29, 2014

Video Snob - Maroon 5 "Animal"

Maroon 5 released their new video for "Animal" today and it's just a mess. A bloody disturbing mess. But then again Maroon 5 usually releases ridiculous videos that are overly dramatic, unnecessarily violent and harbor no relation to the song itself. There was "Payphone", in which two bank employees who manage to outrun a rain of bullets from bank robbers go on a crazy run from the police, complete with a fiery explosion which makes NO BLOODY SENSE. Why run away from the cops if you are not the bank robbers? Why steal the car and blow up stuff? What does it have to do with discussing the end of a relationship, which is what the lyrics actually talk about?

And then there was "One More Night", which you'd think is about a guy who just can't stay away from a girl even though maybe it's not going to work out and NOT about a woman abandoning her partner and taking off with all her stuff, the baby and even the goldfish while he's off at a boxing match.

Which brings us to "Animal", which at least finally makes some kind of sense with the lyrics only to be seriously creepy. Maybe I'm just getting old, maybe it's because I have a little girl, but that is not right. When I watch this video I do not think "How nice of Adam Levine to use his stardom to bring awareness to abuse against women, whether domestic or from creepy stalker types." Instead I worry that this will lead to more glorification of violence, more romanticizing of rape. Also, it's kind of gross.

 What did you think?

I give it 4 out 5 snobby GaGas.

Anyway - to cleanse your palette here is the beautiful disturbing-done-right video for Sia's "Chandelier". Can't get enough!